Immigration Glossary

Immigration Law Glossary

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Safe third country
A safe third country is a country, other than Canada and the country of alleged persecution, where an individual may make a claim for refugee protection. In Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act outlines the criteria for designating a country as a safe third country.

Satisfactory academic standing
Satisfactory academic standing means getting a certain mark or grade point average in a program of study, or completing certain program requirements. Different programs of study will have different standards of what is considered “satisfactory”. Check with your educational institution.

Self-supporting refugee
An applicant accepted as a Convention refugee abroad, or as a member of the Country of Asylum Class, who has sufficient financial resources to support themselves in Canada.

Service provider organization (SPO)
A service provider organization (SPO) is an agency that provides services for newcomers to Canada. Service provider organizations offer programs that can give newcomers resources and training to live and work in Canada. Their programs can help refugees who often have a difficult time with day-to-day tasks like finding an apartment, taking public transportation, or making a doctor’s appointment. These organizations can also help refugees complete forms, get permanent resident cards, health insurance, social insurance numbers, etc. They also offer interpretation and translation services to help with such special needs as giving medical backgrounds to doctors. Visit CIC’s website for more information on the many services provided by SPOs.

Settlement funds
This term can refer to one of two things. 1. Sufficient and available funds that economic immigrants must prove they have to settle in Canada. The funds must be: o available, o transferable and o not committed to debts or other obligations. These funds will cover fees, relocation costs and costs to settle. 2. Funds allocated by the Government of Canada to pay for measures to develop welcoming and inclusive communities, or to help newcomers settle into their new communities.

Single-entry visa
A visa that allows someone to enter Canada only once.

Skill level
To be eligible for the Federal Skilled Worker Class and Canadian Experience Class, foreign workers must have work experience at specified skill levels. Skill levels for occupations come from the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system. They are classified by type of work and training required to be proficient.

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is 18 years of age or older, and who legally supports a member of the Family Class to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Sponsorship agreement-holder (SAH)
An incorporated organization that signs an agreement with CIC to sponsor refugees abroad. A SAH can authorize other groups in the community to sponsor refugees under its agreement. These groups are known as “constituent groups.”

Sponsorship requirements
Requirements a person must meet to sponsor a family member to come to Canada as a permanent resident.

A legal marriage partner. This term includes both opposite- and same-sex relationships but does not include common-law partnerships.

Start-up visa
Permanent residence visa given to a person or group of persons who applied under the Start-up Business Class and received a commitment from a designated angel investor group or venture capital fund, and who intend to operate a new business in Canada.

Study permit
A document issued by CIC that authorizes a foreign national to study at an educational institution in Canada for the duration of the program of study. It sets out conditions for the student such as: · whether their travel within Canada is restricted and · when they have to leave.

Support services
Services that help newcomers to fully participate in CIC-funded settlement programs. Support services can include onsite child care, transportation support, translation and interpretation services, support for disabilities and short-term crisis counselling.