Criminal Law Glossary

Real Estate Law Glossary

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The decision the judge or jury makes about whether an accused committed the crime(s) with which they were charged. In a criminal case, the verdict can either be guilty or not guilty. See judgment in the glossary.

Victim / Victim of Crime
A person who has been directly or indirectly affected by a crime.

Victim Impact Statement
A written description by a victim of how the crime has affected them. The statement may include a description of the physical, financial and emotional effects of the crime. Where victim impact information has been presented, it must be taken into consideration by the judge or parole board.

Violent Offence
A violent offence could be any offence where you threatened to cause bodily harm, actually caused bodily harm, or, if you committed an offence that endangers someone’s life, even if no physical injury occurred.

Work-related education, training and qualifications related to a specific job or occupation.