Criminal Law Glossary

Real Estate Law Glossary

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Re-integration / Re-integrate
To become part of something again. In the case of an offender re-integrating into society, it means the offender returns to the community as a law-abiding person.

To commit another crime after being convicted of a crime.

To have another (second) trial for the same offence(s).

Record Suspension
A decision to keep a criminal record separate from other criminal records.

To improve something. For example, to further improve the criminal justice system.

Rehabilitation / Rehabilitate
Improvement of a person’s behaviour and their return to the community as a law- abiding member of the community.

To pay back (refund) money.

To be let go from somewhere. For example, to be let go from custody.

Being held in custody until the next court date. It can also mean to postpone a criminal proceeding to another date, like an adjournment.

Report to Crown Counsel (RCC)
A document prepared by an investigative agency such as the police that describes the circumstances of an alleged criminal or regulatory offence, and makes a recommendation on charges.

Money the court orders an offender to pay a victim as compensation for losses to the victim as a result of the crime. This might cover, for example, lost wages or damaged property.

Restorative Justice
A response to crime involving the offender dealing directly with the victim and representatives of the community to come up with ways to repair the harm caused by the crime and make amends.

Restraining Order
An order made by a judge in civil court to help protect one person from another. Often includes rules (conditions) that must be followed by the person the restraining order has been issued against.