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A group of potential jurors.

A decision to keep a criminal record separate from other criminal records. A pardon does not mean the criminal record is removed but rather, that it will not be given out to businesses or agencies. Pardons have been replaced by record suspensions.

Release of an offender into the community before the end of their sentence. Usually the offender must follow certain rules (conditions) while on parole.

Parole Board / Parole Board of Canada
A government agency responsible for making decisions about parole and pardons.

Peace Bond
An order made by a judge in criminal court to help protect one person from another. The peace bond lists certain conditions that must be followed by the person the peace bond has been issued against.

Usually refers to a federal correctional centre where offenders with sentences of two years or more are held.

Lying after you have sworn (or affirmed) to tell the truth.

Plea / Plead / Pleading
The statement an accused person makes to the court when asked if they are guilty or not guilty of committing a crime.

Police Custody
Being under the control and supervision of the police.

Pre-sentence Report
A written document prepared by a probation officer to help the court learn more about the person being sentenced.

Preliminary Hearing
A hearing before the trial where the judge decides if there is enough evidence to have a trial. Held only in cases involving serious offences.

Being supervised in the community and following certain conditions as part of a sentence.

Probation Officer
A person who provides supervision, services and support to help offenders adjust back into the community and avoid re-offending.

Probation Order
An order requiring an offender to follow certain rules (conditions) for a set period of time while they are serving all or part of their sentence in the community.

Legal steps or measures taken against a person.

Prolific Offender
An offender with a long criminal history.

Promise to Appear
A document an accused signs when they are released from police custody before the trial, promising to appear in court on a specific date.

Proportionate / Proportional
Used in law to mean the response to the justice problem (crime or civil dispute) fits in size, seriousness and scope.

Prosecute / Prosecuted / Prosecution
To start or carry out legal proceedings against an accused who has been charged with committing a criminal offence.

Protection Order
A court order stating the offender must stay away from the victim.

Provincial Correctional Centre
Jail where offenders who have been sentenced to less than two years are held.