Criminal Law Glossary

Real Estate Law Glossary

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Jay Walking
The act of a person illegally or recklessly crossing the street.

The official responsible for running court hearings and deciding the outcome of court cases.

The decision the judge or jury makes about whether or not the accused is guilty of committing a crime. In a criminal case, it can either be guilty or not guilty. Also see verdict in the glossary.

Judicial Interim Release
Release from custody of a person charged with a crime while they are waiting for their trial or appeal. See bail in the glossary.

Judicial Stay of Proceedings
When the judge stops the court process before the end of the trial. This happens very rarely.

Someone summoned by a court to be a member of the jury.

Juror Summons
A legal document that states a person must appear at the courthouse on a specific date and time to be considered for a jury. Individuals who are summonsed will be part of the jury panel and could become part of the jury.

In criminal cases, a group of 12 citizens who listen to the evidence, follow the judge’s instructions about the law, and decide whether the accused is guilty or not guilty.

Jury Duty
Serving on a jury.

Jury Selection
Where the judge, Crown counsel and accused or defence counsel decide who will sit on the jury. The people selected are Canadian citizens without criminal records who live in B.C.

Morally fair and righteous.

Justice of The Peace
An officer of the court who has some of the powers of a judge.