Criminal Law Glossary

Real Estate Law Glossary

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Failure to Appear
When an accused does not attend a scheduled court appearance. Failing to appear is an offence.

Family Conferencing
A shared decision-making meeting for families. Friends and family come together to develop a plan to help solve problems, and to make sure children have the care and support they need.

Federal Correctional Centre
Penitentiaries where offenders serving sentences of two years or more are held.

All or part of a sentence requiring someone convicted of a crime to pay money to the court.

First Appearance
The first time the accused must appear in court.

The examination of evidence by using science or technology in a legal setting.

Forensic Evidence
Evidence found where the crime occurred, such as fingerprints, results of blood tests, or DNA.

Forensic Scientist
A person who specializes in collecting and examining forensic evidence at a crime scene.