Criminal Law Glossary

Real Estate Law Glossary

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To promote or foster Christian unity.

To meet the requirements or qualify for something.

When words are replaced with various symbols so that the information is secure and transferred over the Internet like a secret code.

Information and physical objects (for example, information from the victim and witnesses, documents, objects from the crime scene) presented by lawyers to the court.

Based on enough research to show the effectiveness of a program or service.

Exempt / Exemptions
Special circumstances where someone called for jury duty is released from their obligation to participate. The person is not required to serve as a juror or attend the trial.

Objects or documents formally presented to the court as part of the evidence.

Extrajudicial Measures
Options for dealing with a youth accused of committing a crime, instead of going to court.

Extrajudicial Sanctions
More formal options used for dealing with a youth accused of committing a crime.