Criminal Law Glossary

Real Estate Law Glossary

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Defence Counsel
The lawyer(s) representing the person accused or charged with committing a crime.

A person formally accused of committing a crime by Crown counsel by the laying of a charge. In the courtroom this person is referred to as the “defendant”. Also known as the accused.

Heavy reliance on someone or something.

Direct Examination
The questioning of a witness in court by the person who called the witness to court. The questions must be open ended and not suggesting a specific answer.

When a person is found guilty or pleads guilty, but the judge decides that a conviction and criminal record are not necessary. See absolute discharge and conditional discharge in the glossary.

The act of making the Crown’s case known to defence by providing information on the evidence or circumstances of the case. The Crown must disclose, or share, with the accused all relevant information gathered in the investigation so the accused can fully defend their self against the charges.

To reject in court, as in to dismiss a case.

Duty Counsel
A lawyer who can provide free legal advice and representation at a first court appearance and at a bail hearing, but not usually at trial.